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DVDs: Lavender Castle DVD + FREE CD

Lavender Castle DVD + FREE CD
Lavender Castle DVD - The Complete Series
Seasons One & Two

Follow the intergalactic adventures of Captain Thrice and the crew of the 'Paradox' through 26 episodes of humour and fun. Join this race against time to find the legendary space city 'Lavender Castle', before arch villains 'Dr. Agon' and 'Short Fred Ledd' do so... and destroy it (or so they think!).

A fantastic showcase of Rodney's design and Gerry Anderson's story telling.


With each Lavender Castle DVD, we are giving away the audio CD 'Twice upon a Time' COMPLETELY FREE. This CD (from Rodney's 1970s band, Squidd) includes the track titled 'Lavender Castle', which was the inspiration for the T.V. series.
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Art, Animation, Design, Illustration - Rodney Matthews Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art